Whether you are texting, emailing, or in fact making a phone call, our modern communications infrastructure is increasingly digitized (1’s and 0’s). What that means is that the majority of human communication is occurring via Internet technologies.

Many traditional communication channels are being replaced with digital channels as our world becomes more and more digitized. TechMark brings vital technological experience to your company’s communication strategy.

TechMark’s approach to communications uses data insight to help streamline efforts and reach the right people at the right time with the right messaging. Data-driven solutions are likely to have a higher impact on your target audience than the content-centric strategies offered by some agencies. Instead of creating generic messaging and hoping for the best,
modern technology provides us with tools to be specific and intentional.

Data can be gathered from customer reviews, inbound calls, social media interaction, location, demographics, and more. This data is used to identify and refine the target market. TechMark is then able to offer content carefully crafted to reach this specific group effectively and efficiently.

TechMark was born online and we are fluent in many of Internet technologies.