• Whether you need a seasoned business technology expert on your team or you just want an objective and caring partner for your company, TechMark is ready to assist.
    We always appreciate referrals for clients or business partners too. To help you understand how to recommend us:

Prospective client is anybody with :

  • Pain points that can be addressed by our services : In other words, do you know anyone needing a website (new or a refresh), anyone needing a hosting service, a digital marketing help, or just general business IT consulting ? Get in touch with us.

Prospective partner is :

  • Any entity that has complementary products and/or services. This can be a marketing or advertising agency needing more technical pedigree, or an organization that works with many businesses or professionals that can use IT / Internet technologies.

Competition analysis:

  • While there are a few worthy competitors in the space, we believe the greatest barrier to more business is lack of technology standards. We don’t consider all players in our industry as competitors.
    In fact, our biggest competition is lack of awareness and clarity about technological needs.

    For that reason, we spend a sizable amount of time educating, defining, and clarifying details for our customers and those who are not our customers yet. We strongly believe that speaking in plain English with clear and understandable language is by far better than blurting out tech jargons and acronym gibberish that tend to dominate the tech talk.